I'm a freelance software developer with ten years experience, specialising in Unity3d and games tech.

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Consultancy and Training

With 11 years experience as a professional programmer and several more as a hobbyist, I have a broad technical knowledge built on a strong foundation of traditional computer science. Over the last four years specialising as a Unity3d game developer for hire, I have seen several code-bases, large and small and have a valuable overview of how studios structure and maintain their projects. In addition to being an occasional speaker, I have also taught Unity at University level, so I am comfortable communicating new concepts to individuals and large groups.

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Technical Projects

As well as my experience as a professional software developer I am an enthusiastic hobbyist, learning all the time; Over the years this has given me an advantage when delivering technically challenging projects. I can write native extensions, program shaders, have a good understanding of the 3D pipeline, audio programming as well as fundamental concepts like memory management, threading, the CLR and C# compiler.

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In addition to my recent role as a Unity3d programmer for hire, I have a background in creating robust installations for museums and visitors centres; These include games on giant interactive floors, kiosks with bespoke hardware, capacitive tables, Arduino board integration an more.

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Apps and Games

One of the major benefits of Unity3d is that it can publish to many different platforms - develop once, publish everywhere! I have a portfolio full of mobile apps and games, delivered for premium brands, well-known licences and clients. I am equally comfortable making experiences in the format of apps or games and am very familiar with the design requirements for both.

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As you can see from my portfolio - I come highly recommended!

Play Sage Gateshead ios app screenshot and link to video Wowser! ios app screenshot and link to video The trace apple tv app screenshot and link to video Plaue inc: Evolved steam app screenshot and link to video The Hobbit official companion app screenshot and link to video Operation Apex VR screenshot and link to video Operation Apex VR screenshot and link to video